Dragon Ball Super Manga Issue #60 Review

If you have been following the DBS Manga, the current series introduces a new very powerful villain named Moro, an ancient sorcerous and planet eater. While Goku has been fighting Moro, Vegeta has been on Yardrat learning a new technique and balancing his chi to enhance his powers.


-Spoilers from here on out-

In this latest issue, Goku abandons his plant to conserve his energy while in Ultra Instinct Sign form and goes all out to defeat Moro. After landing some early hits, Moro powers up and handedly beats up Goku. Android 17 and 18 intervene before he can absorb his energies; however, they are unable to do much damage.

Both angels are watching this via Whis’ StaffTube on Beerus’ planet and Merus is dismayed when Goku loses and Beerus has no interest in the outcomes of this battle even though it would mean certain doom to earth and countless other planets. Whis reminds Merus that planets come and go resembling the circle of life line in Lion King.

Meanwhile on planet Yardrat, Vegeta completes his training which shows a bunch of Yardrat people on the ground. He orders Pybara to teleport him to Earth, but is told that they are forbidden to leave their planet. So Vegeta needs to learn instant transmission, formerly Goku’s signature technique. He only needs to do it once to get back to Earth and said he will never use it again. He learns it after one try where he ends up in a garbage can and thanks his hosts for all their help.

As Vegeta arrives on Earth, he orders the Androids to stop and has some words for Moro before powering up to his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form and attacking. Both Piccolo and Gohan aren’t sure if anything has changed and we will need to wait until the next issue to find out. So what do you all think? Will Vegeta save Goku this time? And what is his new power? Let us know in the comments!

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