Dragon Ball Super Manga #70 – The Universe’s Greatest Warrior

The latest issue of Dragon Ball Super released early and we now have more information regarding the cliff hanger from chapter #69. If you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out here or here. There will be spoilers going forward.

Now that you’ve read the chapter, I want to get your thoughts in the comments. My guess last chapter was that he would need to trade in his life to gain more power, and this chapter explains how the dragon was able to do this. Basically Granolah gave up 150 years so now he only has 3 years left to live, but his power from 150 years has been consolidated into 3 years. Whether that is strong enough to take on Frieza or Goku/Vegeta is questionable, but I guess we will see.

Vegeta is able to grasp the hakai technique to create a huge explosion from making objects disappear. Granolah also tests his powers against the Heeters and he gains the upper hand against two of them fairly easily. They ask him to wait for Frieza’s location and then come up with a plan to pit Granolah against the Saiyans because they are working with Frieza and dont want to kill him yet. So there will eventually be a showdown between Goku/Vegeta vs Granolah. Meanwhile, Whis is monitoring all of this with his staff and expects some disturbance in the future.

I dont know about you, but even if he consolidates his power, i really dont think Granolah is at the saiyans level. This is like giving Krillyn a power boos equal to Frieza. Will be interesting to see what happens and looking forward to the next few chapters as the story picks up.

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