3/22/2021 Weekly Dragon Ball News

It’s Monday and that means Weekly Dragon Ball News time. The episode this week was a bit short as this is the end of the Japanese fiscal year so that’s probably why there aren’t too many releases right now. Once the new year rolls around in April and the summer convention season rolls around, we will probably see more information on figures for the upcoming year.

This week’s topics include the new Xenoverse 2 DLC, GYAO free Dragon Ball anime streaming service in Japan, Dragon Ball FES SSJ Goku and Kid Goku in yellow gi figures, DBS Card Game booster packs, and new Toyotaro art.

In BBTS news, several new September pre-orders were announced on their website including the following:

Master Stars Piece Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Normal Color Version) (Reissue) $24.99

Grandista Manga Dimensions #3 Goku $69.99

Zenkai Solid Vol.1 Super Saiyan Goku $26.99

Solid Edge Works Vol. 2 Super Saiyan Trunks $26.99

Solid Edge Works Vol. 2 Trunks $26.99

Glitter & Glamours Videl (Ver.B) $26.99

Glitter & Glamours Videl (Ver.A) $26.99

Blood of Saiyans Special X Goku $26.99

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