Dragon Ball Super Manga #68 – Granola The Survivor

The latest issue of Dragon Ball Super Manga dropped this morning so if you weren’t expecting it till tomorrow, head on over to Viz Media or Shueisha to check it out. There will be spoilers from here on out.

So instead of summarizing the chapter, I’m going to just list some interesting points about this chapter.

  1. It looks like Granola has a beef with both Freeza and the Saiyans for the destruction of his people and has a nightmare about it.
  2. Although Goku has learned MUI, there are different levels just like Saiyan transformations so he cannot beat Whis.
  3. In his fight with Whis, Goku summons more Naruto tricks, mainly the bunshin technique, but Whis can see right through it.
  4. Beerus doesn’t like the calmness of UI and tells vegeta of his more destructive ways, but refuses to train him, but will allow Vegeta to “steal” what he finds.
  5. It looks like Granola stole OG73 for another baddie who is apparently at odds with Freeza.
  6. We dont really know the power levels of any of these new characters, but the strongest shouldn’t be stronger than Freeza as they are somewhat reluctant to go against him right now.
  7. Seeing that Granola is taking down by one of the underlings, I would be rather upset if any of these new characters are at SSB level, but then this wouldn’t be interesting at all.
  8. Granola learns Freeza is alive and wants his revenge but is ambushed.
  9. The anti-Freeza crew is looking for an intel broker called Zuno from the memory of OG73.
  10. It looks like Granola has a kekkei genkai in another nod to Naruto and he can snipe people with his eye.
  11. Oracle fish not sleeping well and according to Whis, has bad omens for the future.
  12. Fish mumbles something about the strongest warrior will rise up. I really hope it isn’t this Granola guy.

Anyways, let me know what you think about this new chapter in the comments below.

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