1/18/2021 Weekly Dragon Ball News

This week’s Weekly Dragon Ball news is up and it is a bit long with most of it at the end with the special guest who is in charge of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes card game. They go over the new cards in detail. The main news of this week are as follows:

  • 1/21 Thursday: VJUMP release with the latest issue of Dragon Ball Super and also includes a Vegeto card for the game
  • 1/21 Thursday: Super Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission release
  • 1/22 Friday: Dragon Ball Super card game that is apparently for the US and European markets since we dont have Super Dragon Ball Heroes here – http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/
  • 1/23 Saturday: Amusement SMSP SSJ4 Goku figure in the traditional four colorways – two of which are available for pre-order on BBTS
  • 1/23 Saturday: SH Figuarts Bardock release in Japan for 6050 yen – US release isn’t until February

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