Dragon Ball News For the Week of September 13th

It’s the start to another week and that means another episode of Weekly Dragon Ball News!

Reviewing last weeks news, we have the Gxmaterial THE YAMCHA figure that was covered extensively last week. Next is the Dokkan Battle world campaign that started last week. The big news from last week was the pre-order announcement of the S.H. Figuarts Dodoria figure. Mr. Okamota, Project Leader, from S.H. Figuarts was invited this week to talk about the figure. The figure itself has a lot of volume, similar to the Majin Boo figure release a while ago. It also includes the shiny Namekian Dragon Ball and they have been releasing figures from the Frieza arc so make sure to collect all seven when they are eventually released. While looking at the Dodoria figure, I was thinking it would be interesting if they released a moldable head where you can mold the facial expression to your liking with a clay like material, but not sure if that is even possible. Would be interesting concept though. Also from Dragon Ball games is the new DLC for Xenoverse 2 featuring SSGSS Gogeta.

For this week’s news, the preview for the next issue of DBS manga will be out tomorrow the 14th. For some reason they are taking their time this month and we will finally see if Granolah finishes off Vegeta. The November issue of V-Jump will go on sale in Japan on Tuesday, September 21st so we will most likely see the manga release on the official sites here in the US at the same time. On Thursday, the 16th, Dragon Ball Heroes – Big Bang Mission 10 is set to go live. Two new cards will be available including SSGSS Gogeta and SSJR3 Goku Black. Finally, Son Goku FES #15 will be available at game centers on the 15th. We covered these in the September release schedule here so take a look and pre-order if you are interested in these figures.

That is it for this week, check back for additional news throughout the week and dont forget to check out the new Figure Links Section, where I will be covering different Dragon Ball figures series!

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