Dragon Ball News for the Week of November 13th, 2023

Welcome to another review of Weekly Dragon Ball News! This week’s episode was surprisingly long and they covered two main items, the Super Dragon Ball Heroes Meteor Mission 1 from last week as well as HG Dragon Ball Z Android Set, which you can still pre-order from BBTS. We will also get a new preview for the upcoming DBS Manga and there is a Tamashii Nations Event at their flagship store in Akihabara this weekend where you can see the pre-order figures and rumor has it that they might be announcing something new as well. Here is hoping that it will be King Cold that we saw so many months ago.

For Meteor Mission 1, Kopei, the project lead, showed off some secrete cards including Vegeta/Goku fusion, Cell with him exploding in the background, and UI Goku. He also showed off some 40th anniversary cards featuring Goku and Gohan from the Cell Arc and also a Super Rare Parallel card made of plastic.

For the HG Android Segment, the project lead showed off actual figures from the line. Not sure why they didnt include super characters like Android 21, but maybe they reached the figure count for each series.

Anyways, I appreciate you all for visiting and hope you all have a Super Week!

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