Dragon Ball News for the Week of January 1st, 2024

Happy New Year!

Today we have a very special edition of Weekly Dragon Ball News with special guest Toyotaro sensei. The whole episode is him answer questions submitted by fans in Japan and below is a brief overview of his responses.

It starts off with his reaction to 100 chapters and issue 22 of the manga and his response was that it felt longer from 50-100 and it did from 1-50 due to the additional planning he had but he felt great doing it and his most memorable moment from the past eight years was being praised by Toriyama for his work on chapter 31. He also enjoyed calling back to earlier works by Toriyama as well as visiting fans outside of Japan prior to Covid. Here’s hoping he comes to LA in the future.

His thoughts on character development was interesting as well as he chose Vegeta Beast as the one who had the most development in the Granolah arc. But, his favorite character over the years is Goku since he draws him the most but he also said that he likes characters he’s currently drawing. It also feels like he started to finally break out in the Granolah arc with character design and he came up with the design for him and also his ship, which is also his favorite mech design.

As for the manga, his favorite storyline was the high school arc from the beginning of the Super Hero Arc and his favorite battle was the one from the Moro Arc where Goku used susanoo and Moro became one with the planet. His favorite cover design is the Goku family one from volume 19 where everyone is happy and in peaceful times. And finally his favorite quote was from Master Roshi during the Tournament of Power Arc where he is questioning power levels since they weren’t really too interested in that until Vegeta Beast came along and mentioned it. There was also a second quote by Roshi that calls back to the early Dragon Balls series and he says to Eat Well, Rest Well, Play Well, and Learn Well.

You can watch the entire episode below and if i missed anything, please mention it in the comments. Next week’s episode will be part 2 where Toyotaro shows us how he draws the manga, so check back then.

I hope you will continue to visit this year and hope you all have a Super Week!

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