4/12/2021 Weekly Dragon Ball News

This released a day early and for the upcoming week, they covered the released from last week including the following:

  1. Dragon Ball x New Era Collab – This is a Japan only release and there are 30 items to this collection that can be found on the New Era Japan website. It does look like they are taking a page out of the Uniqlo playbook by doing collabs, but they really need better designs. I do like the 59 hat which is Go and Ku in Japanese spelling out the main characters name using numbers!

2. S.H. Figuarts Tien Shien Han and Chaitzu – This was covered in a separate post so you can see it there.

3. Super Dragon Ball Heroes Cardgumi 13 – Which is part of the popular game in Japan. I dont really collect or play these, so if someone who does wants to comment more about these cards and if they are even available for sale here in the US, please do post a comment.

4. GXmaterial Goku Black Game Center Figure – This will release on Tuesday exclusively in game centers. Fortunately for us BBTS has had this for pre-order for sometime now so you can go there to reserve yours.

5. Finally, I believe the next preview for Dragon Ball Super 71 will release on Wednesday. Looking forward to this one.

For US news, if you pre-ordered S.H. Figuarts Radditz from Premium Bandai, I received notice that it will ship by April 30th and to update shipping information by the 15th. Hopefully the other pre-orders from last summer will also be shipping soon!

Anyways, you can watch the whole episode below: