Dragon Ball SD EP #55 & #56

Saikyo Jump Youtube Channel just released episodes 55 and 56 of Dragon Ball SD showing Trunks’ conversation with Goku about the impending threat and then everyone going on their ways to train to reconvene in three years. Piccolo overheard everything and told the group what they needed to hear minus the stuff Trunks didnt want to reveal. This was a good thing as Goku had already forgot everything. He also explained to Vegeta how he got off Planet Namek and ended up in Yardrat and learned his instant transmission technique.

In the second part, everyone goes off to train on their own and I thought it would have made more sense for everyone to train together, but Krillin mentions how he wanted to go at his own pace. Another thing I always wondered was how Vegeta Beast ended up at Capsule Corp, but maybe he was already with Bulma by then.

Anyways, check out the videos below:

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