Who Should Bandai Figuarts – Original Dragon Ball Series

Currently Bandai through S.H. Figuarts is working through the characters from the Namek Arc, with four more characters they are working on. Afterwards, it looks like they may go on to the Cell Arc with the Super Hero Movie Worked in there in 2022. All together, that will be 10 figures in all spread out through 2022 and maybe even the first quarter of 2023. The last pre-order for Zarbon was for May, 2022 delivery.

After the Cell arc, they could go on and finish the characters from the Buu arc, but once they go to super, there are a whole host of characters they can make starting the the Gods and Angels as well as Moro and Granolah. And they barely scratched the surface of GT as well.

Going back, they have released some figures from the Original Dragon Ball Series include Kid Goku (2 colorways), Kid Krillin, Master Roshi, Jacky Cheung, Bulma (2 version), Launch, Tao Pai Pai, and Piccolo Daimyo. However, there were a bunch of other characters in that series so here are the Ten Characters that I would like to see Bandai Figuarts.

Please leave your favorite in the comments and if it is not on the list, let me know as well.

Pirate Robot

Bandit Yamcha & Puar

Ox King

Bunny Bulma


Pilaf Gang & Mech

Great Ape Goku

Commander Red

Android 8