S.H. Figuarts ‘Frieza’ Re-Issue Confirmed

The Shonen Jump release calendar has received it monthly update and revealed that the ‘Frieza’ re-issue is happening! You may have seen our previous post, discussing and speculating on this figure and it’s great to see this come to fruition.

The figure is being marketed as “Freeza Final Form – Resurrection -“, which is unclear as to whether or not this falls in line with the “Premium Color Edition” marketing or if it’s part of the wave of “2.0” figures we’ve also seen.

All we know is that it’s good to see the figure become available again for those who missed out on it the first time around.

This figure will be released in April, 2018 and it will cost 5200JPY.


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  • Goku Black Rose

    well ningens don’t have to miss out on this one now

  • shin ra

    Figuarts has a preview of this on their Japanese website and he has the Halo!!!