Bandai’s ‘Dragon Stars’ Line Debuts at Wonder Fest 2017

Wonder Fest’s Winter 2017 event is under full swing and Bandai has debuted their upcoming North American line of action figures!

The line is called “Deagon Stars” and looks like it will be similar to Marvel Legends and hopefully retail for around $19.99. The figures line will also come with pieces for a “Build-a-Figure” Shenron, which you can see fully assembled in our photos below.

This is an exciting time for collectors who remember when you could visit domestic, brick and mortar retailers and department stores and find a selection of Dragon Ball merchandise. It’s been years since this kind of option has been available and it can only help foster and grow the collecting community!





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  • Za Warudo

    Yes! Really excited about these, wish the Build-A-Shenron was bigger, but the figures themselves look good.

  • Tommy Hennessy

    i wonder what size they are.
    I agree i too would of liked to see Shenron a lot bigger.
    Although this is still pretty awesome.

    • Baxter

      They’re 6.5 inches. They’re essentially DBZ Marvel Legends.

      • Tommy Hennessy

        thank you =)

  • Dippergames420

    That’s pretty cool that BANDAI decided to do this, as I missed the first time Dragon Ball figures were in US markets.

  • Thinwheat

    Any idea when these are coming out?

    • Shailor

      Good question. I’ve been wondering my self since I first saw these photos… hopefully soon. Can’t find anything online providing an answer yet

      They don’t look the greatest obviously not Figuarts, may be not even as good as the Figure-Rise models or some of the classics but damn we Dragon Ball fans must support these if they go to retail stores. WE NEED MORE WAVES/CHARACTERS
      Some of these would be great as customs and hopefully they’ll do good stuff with the build-a-figure concept (like everyone else has already lol)

      • Thinwheat

        I’m looking forward to them. I collect Figuarts as well and they’re great and they’re constantly improving! But there’s something about having a lower price point, softer sculpted, less detailed DBZ action figure that really appeals to me.
        Reminds me of the DBZ figures I had as a boy. Something I’m not afraid to toss around and let my nephews play with.
        The fact that these come with alternate hands and a BAF piece is pretty exciting stuff! It would be great to see a section of DBZ figures on the shelves at retail again.