Super Dragon Ball Heroes Videos

Along with all the articles yesterday on the official site detailing the 11 Anniversary of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, there were also a bunch of videos on youtube that were released for the card game. The most interesting was the trailer for the special movie that shows off where they left off on the anime and then it takes you back to Majin Vegeta vs Goku in the Buu arc. One of the more interesting things they done recently was the what if situation where Fu goes back in time to help Bardock beat Frieza with Time Patroller Trunks also going back to try and stop them. I think this would be a better way to go rather than with the tree of life story line they have been going with for a while now and all the crazy power-ups. Pretty soon the SSGSS Gogeta will fuse with SSJ4 Gogeta and even then the character may become underpowered. Anyways, enjoy below:

SDBH BM11 Special Movie

SDBH BM11 Big BAng Battle Collection

SDBH BM11 TV Commercial

SDBH BM11 Midnight Release Party

SDBH BM11 Secret Cards Intro

SDBH BM11 Amusement Goods Intro

SDBH BM11 Championship 2021 Final Qualifier: Starts 11/12 6PM Pacific Time

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