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Our friends at Reddit’s best Dragon Ball collecting related sub, /r/DBZCU are running a fantastic giveaway! There are three prizes; Resolution of Soldiers Gohan (Painted Version), Beerus Funko Pop and Super Master Stars Piece Super Saiyan Goku (from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Collector’s Edition).

Here’s the rules to the contest, as well as how to enter:

The Rules(Again):
#1: The contest will run from September 8th, 9AM PST through September 15th, 9AM PST
#2: You can only win one item. If you win twice, I will follow up with you and ask you which one you want.
#3: Your collection MUST include a date stamped photo. The reason for this, is I don’t want people coming into the sub and finding random collections on the internet and posting them just to win the prizes. That is not fair to any of the members
#4: Free shipping in the US. I will pay for shipping if you are in the US. If you are international, I will ask that you help cover part of the shipping cost. You will be responsible for any import tax that is due.
#5: Have fun!

How to Enter(Again):
Subscribe to the sub: While not necessary, it would be nice, and you can see all the cool collections!
Starting September 8th, 2019 through September 15th, post a picture of your collection. Tag it with the “Giveaway Contest” Flair(This is a requirement), and you will have 1 point entered for all three items. Your picture will be required to have a picture of your collection(duh) and a piece of paper with your Reddit username, and a date from at least 8/25/2019 until the contest deadline
3. To better the chances for the item you want, I will make an “Official” contest thread that will be pinned, leave a comment with the item that you most want, IE: Gohan. This gets you 1 additional point towards that item.
Example: If I post a picture of my collection, I have 1 point towards Gohan, Beerus, and Goku. If I make a comment in the Contest thread for Goku, I will now have 2 points towards Goku, 1 towards Beerus, and 1 towards Gohan.

Make sure to visit /r/DBZCU for more information, as well as a great resource for Dragon Ball collecting!

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