DBZFigures.com’s First Give Away!

Hey everyone, I’ve decided to test the waters on doing periodic give aways through the site. I’d like to start this first one as a celebration of our recent two year anniversary on the web! So how do you enter the contest, you say? What are the prizes? Check out and follow all the directions below and you’ll be good to go!


Give Away Begins: 9/26/2016

Give Away Ends: 10/26/2016

1. LIKE our Facebook page here.

2. COMMENT on this post telling us what your favorite Dragon Ball figure is.

3. SHARE this post on Facebook, via the Facebook share button near the bottom of the page.

..and that’s it!

The winner will be notified via Facebook, at which time we will confirm they have followed rules 1 through 3 and obtain a good shipping address for the prize!

Speaking of the prize..



If this contest goes well, we will gladly move on to bigger and better prizes! So have fun and be sure to follow the rules! Good luck!


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  • JMerlo

    Favorite figure has to be the S.H. Figuarts Beerus.The God of Destruction is definitely a new favorite of mine.

  • Tim Hurley

    My favorite is my signed by Christopher Sabat SH figuarts Super Sayian Vegeta.

    • Eddie Munster

      I also got mine autographed by him nice! Piccolo and Vegito as well

      • Tim Hurley

        Nice! I would love to get Super Sayian Blue Vegeta signed by him as well.

  • Shane Kropp

    It not be my coolest of most impressive figure, but the super battle collection Super Saiyan Vegeta will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Chandler Nunnally

    Favorite figure has gotta be SS4 Vegeta by Jakks. Love the colors and the general stylized nature of their GT figures.

  • Juan Tirado Hernández

    My favorite Dragon ball figure so far is King Cold from the series Alien Invaders..! Thanks

    • Chandler Nunnally

      I have been hunting for that for years! Such a great figure.

  • Eddie Munster

    Mine is Super Battle Collection Gogeta or Irwins Trunks and Goten 2 pack

  • Thomas Nichols

    My favorite figure is probably the Shodo Neo SSB Goku

  • Andrew Affleck

    Mine is the Irwin 12″ Vegeta with cloth clothing.

  • Cole Norman

    My favorite figure has gotta be the base form msp goku from RoF.

  • Zeyd M

    My favorite Dragon Ball figure is S.H. Figuarts Piccolo SDCC version!