DBZ Figures Exclusive: Interview with Chuck Huber

Our friend Adam was lucky enough to catch up with Chuck Huber recently and borrow some of his time for a brief interview. For those of you who don’t know, Chuck Huber voices Emperor Pilaf, Android 17 in Dragon Ball Z as well as other various other characters in other anime series and mediums.

Thanks to Adam for his help in getting this exclusive interview for the site and a big thanks to Mr. Huber for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer some of our questions!


DBZ Figures: So Chuck, we understand that not only have you been on TV, films and the stage. But you’ve also co-written and starred in La Fragilidad de los Segundos, wrote and directed Arbor Day: The Musical, and others. Yet some how also found time to write children’s books and plays. What other projects outside of voice acting are on the horizon for you?

Chuck: Arbor Day the musical just got distribution through global Genesis group I’m also working on a Snow White and Rose red with Jessica and I have a couple of Live action children’s educational shows in preproduction. One is a show about specific dates in history a la Bill Nye the science guy and the others is an animated IMAX movie which students would watch and leave having the times tables memorized.

DBZ Figures: You’ve voiced a number of characters through out Dragon Ball, some of which have already made appearances in Dragon Ball Super. Are there any plans for you to return as these characters in a Funimation dub? If this type of thing is still hush-hush we understand!

Chuck: I know emperor pilaf as in Dragonball super and I assume Funimation will use me for it since they used me in the movie but I don’t know when we’ll start recording

DBZ Figures: You’re well known for your work in Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho, but your repertoire is much more expansive than these two shows. What anime voice acting work has been the most fun for you? 

Chuck: Sgt. Frog and Shin Chan were two of my favorites to work on because the production was so funny and involved a lot of improvisation.

DBZ Figures: Do you have any information on the new Yu Yu Hakusho movie?

Chuck: I have no information but I’m really excited about it and I know that Funimation does a good job taking care of these properties so I assume that they’re on top of it. I’d be totally stoked to jump back into Hiei!

DBZ Figures: Not only have you done voice acting work in anime, but you’ve also expanded into video games. Can you tell us about your past and any future projects?

Chuck: Probably one of the biggest properties I worked on was borderlands 2. also did the pre-sequel and some of the DLC. Of course I wasn’t most of the Dragonball z fighting games. One of my favorites was the Ghostbusters game replay some random ghosts but I was also a lot of characters on the answering machine.

DBZ Figures: How do you get into character before recording?

Chuck: I’m a physical actor so I usually physicalize the character and that helps bring out the voice.

DBZ Figures: Word on the street is that you enjoy dancing during your off time. How did this start?

Chuck: I went to the theater school and there was a lot of dance and movement classes, I really enjoy dancing.

DBZ Figures: How beneficial has your background in acting been with getting your career as a voice actor started? Did you face a lot of rejection at first?

Chuck: There’s always a lot of rejection and acting even at this stage of the game. You get used to it always tell people that failure is the first step to success.

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  1. I like reading/watching interviews(especially DBZ related ones) and congrats dbz figures.com on this exclusive interview!

    • Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed. We definitely feel fortunate to have gotten the chance to get this interview. Perhaps in the future we can do more.

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