Content Update: Bandai Web Exclusive Guide

Things have been slow in terms of news lately, so I’ve opted to do a little bit of content updating around the site to keep things moving here at DBZ Figures!

I’ve been recovering from a surgery lately, so I haven’t achieved as much as I’d have liked. However I do have a new guide written that you all may find useful! The guide is on “Bandai Web Exclusives” and gives a run down of what web exclusives are and how to tell what figures are and aren’t web exclusives.

I’ve also done some minor updating to the S.H. Figuarts check list and will continue to bring that page further up to date through out the weekend. I’ve been behind on that section for quite some time now and plan to have it current by Sunday.

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    • Thanks! Let me know if there’s any specific guides you’d like to see written or particular sections you use a lot. I’ll try to be sure to update them sooner than later.

    • Thanks! I’ve been sleeping a lot though the day. But during my waking hours I want to try to get the site up to date. I’ve been slacking on certain sections.

        • Absolutely! Your comment was what made me think it’d be a useful guide to write up. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything else you may find useful as I’m others would think the same.

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