Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter #89

The latest issue of the manga dropped early this month so I will be reviewing it below. If you haven’t read it yet, you can access it here on Viz Media, or here on Shueisha for free. Check it out before scrolling past the image below:

The chapter starts out just like in the preview panels with trunks trying to access the disk he got from Dr. Hedo’s hideout. He cant crack it so he uses his mom’s computer to open the disk but and sees what looks like a tiny cell image. Then the disk infects Bulma’s laptop and that is when Bulma enters and chastises trunks for not having any technical skills. Bulla or Bra as she is called is able to quickly take care of the problem.

Bulma also reveals that Mai will be going to school with Trunks so they goto school and on the same day, another new student named Baytum also joins the class. Trunks gets a little jealous of him after he gets scored on in a game of basketball, but may figures out that Baytum is not human. We later find out that he is sent by Dr. Hedo to find out who X1 is and to retrieve the data disk.

He tries to draw out Trunks, but he is too smart for that only to have Goten blow his cover by lifting up a car. A fight ensues when trunks turns into X1 to fight Baytum who also has his own costume. After some back and forth, he reveals he is Beta 1 and he also has a mech suit similar to what the Pilaf gang use to use. He is able to capture Mai after seeing the disk in Trunks bag and takes off with her, but Trunks uses some cyclone wave move to destroy the mech suit and save Mai. She someone recalls future Trunks and has a thing for X1.

Beta 1 returns back to Hedo and he thinks the X1 and X2 outfits are cool so he goes off to design some super heroes based off of that. Hmmm, I wonder if we are going to see some prototypes of Gamma 1 and Gamma 2? Anyways, what did you think of this chapter and the overall storyline for this new arc? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

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