Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter #88

The latest issue of Dragon Ball Super just released and you can read it here on Viz Media or here on Shuesha. This is quite a bit different from the previous chapters so dont scroll past the image unless you want to read spoilers.

So just like previously noted, this new arc follows Trunks and Goten in their super hero hijinks as they masquerade as Saiya-man X1 and X2. There is a brief glimpse of Goku and Vegeta on Planet Beerus thinking about how they will defeat Black Frieza before we go back to earth and find the pair cleaning up some bank robbers. Their alter ego is based on a character called Clean God. They find that it is a pain to take off their costumes and want a watch that can put the costume on for them so Trunks talks to Pilaf and asks him to make it for him. He also wants to talk to Mai to ask her to a movie, but has to go to school first. He later finds out about ghosts in a particular neighborhood and these ghosts are taking over helper bots made by capsule corp to make sushi bentos and the pilaf gang are working overtime to fix them causing Mai to not be able to go to the movies with Trunks. In the future Trunks arc, we all know that Trunks and Mai are a couple, but whether that happens in the current timeline is a whole nother issue. They end up following the zombies to a building where most are defeated except for a big Frankenstein bot that is built differently. Trunks’ costume malfunctions and he is revealed to his classmates who are also there. He then goes super saiyan, defeats the Frankenstein, finds a safe with a disc in it and returns home to find that the Pilaf gang are still busy. At the end, we find that Dr. Hedo from the super hero movie was the one responsible for the zombies and asks Frankenstein what happened. He freaks out when he finds out that his only data disc was stolen, but Frankenstein was able to provide a pin with the crest from Trunk’s school.

So this story is toned down a bit from what we are used to seeing and kinda reminds me of GT in a good way. Not sure where we go from here, but this will eventually tie into the Super Hero movie, but who will be the mid-boss before all that is anyone’s guess. Finally, will we see Goku, Vegeta, and Black Frieza again?

Let me know in the comments what you think of this new story!

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