Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter #87 The Universe’s Strongest Appears

The latest issue of the manga just dropped so if you havent read it yet, you can check it out here at Viz Media or here at Shueisha. If you do not want spoilers, do not go past the image below as i will be providing a review of this chapter.

The chapter starts off with everyone tired out with the fight from Gas and Granolah looks like hes about to die and mentioned his deal with the dragon. Monaito gains strength and heals everyone before Elec gives up and wants to leave the planet. Just then Monaito is shot through the abdomen by Gas who appears to still be alive but in a Zombie like form. Elec mentions that he had to trade away a lot more of his life to become the strongest in the Universe. Goku and Vegeta try to attack, but Gas uses the force on them and even flies through his own energy blast to attack the duo. Elec encourages Gas to defeat the Saiyans before he dies and the latter realizes hes starting to decompose. That’s when Frieza enters the battle and basically one shots Gas attacks trying to kill him. Gas decomposes and is gone. Frieza then talks to Elec telling him he knew about his plans all along but let it go cause the Heeters were useful. He also reveals Elec is the weakest out of the four and kills him with a blast. He then notices the saiyans and says he found a different dimension on a conquered planet, similar to the room of spirit and time, and has gone through 10 years of training so he was not counted as one of the universe’s strongest when Granolah and Elec made their wishes. He then transforms to Frieza Black and one shots Goku and Vegeta in their new forms. He doesnt kill them an takes Oil and Maki as his new cook and waiter and leaves the planet. Whis shows up, heals Monaito and asks the Saiyans to go back to Beerus to help him cook instant yakisoba. They ask Granolah to go with them to train but he declines saying he has to fix planet cereal with the Dragon Balls. Monaito says he will seal them away afterwards. Before they leave Monaito gives Goku Bardocks scouter. As they are flying back, Goku asks Whis if Frieza is the Strongest Warrior that hte oracle fish predicted and Whis replys perhaps or maybe the strongest warrior emerged elsewhere in our Universe.

Say what now? Really? I saw pictures of Frieza Black a few days ago and i really thought that was fanart and not actually something appearing in the actual frickin Manga. I mean did they really give Frieza the win here and at the same time they nerfed UI and UE? REALLY? And they wouldn’t give Vegeta the win in the previous arc? Many people are commenting online that maybe the strongest is Gohan now after the events of the movie, but I’m not really buying that either. I’m kinda at a loss for words and kinda disappointed at how this arc ended. I guess i was kinda right that some higher being would need to help out the saiyans, but Frieza? At least his new figure will be easy to make with just some different colors on his existing figure and voila, Frieza Black. Apparently no need manga next month as they prepare for the next arc. Anyways, am i being over dramatic? Let me know in the comments what you think about this chapter?

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