Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 87 Preview “The Greatest Warrior in the Universe is Revealed”

The official site released the scans for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Manga and it looks like someone is about to die. My guess is from Gas, but since it is off screen, we wont know until they release the chapter next week on the 20th. The summary from Herms is below and so are the scans.

The roughs are out for DBS ch.87, “The Greatest Warrior in the Universe is Revealed”. The battle over, Goku notes that their training wasn’t enough. Vegeta says he doesn’t want to win like this again. He’ll polish his techniques and prove he’s better than Goku!

Meanwhile, Granolah suffers from the aftereffects of the technique he used. Normally this technique costs the user’s own life, so Granolah thinks he’s probably shortened his lifespan even more now. Goku’s confused: what’s that about his lifespan?

Granolah explains that he become best in the universe on condition that his life was shortened to 3 years. Goku can’t believe he’d do something so crazy, while Vegeta asks if Gas did something similar. Granolah thinks so, but doesn’t know how much Gas’s life got shortened.

Monaito steps on and heals everyone with his new-and-improved healing powers. It’s all thanks to him using magic so often!…though it would’ve been better if he could’ve used it sooner. Elec curses that his plans have gone awry. It was his fault for trusting the dragon balls!

Elec orders his ship’s hatch open and prepares to flee alone. Goku asks if he plans to leave Gas behind, but Elec says Gas is a goner anyway. Or he starts to say that, when suddenly a mysterious beam pierces Monaito, followed by more. What’s going on?!

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