Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 81: Goku’s Conflict

The latest chapter of the Manga just released today so if you haven’t read it, you can check it out here or here! I will be posting about the chapter after the image so dont scroll down if you dont want spoilers.

So not only did Granolah get his arms broken, they straight up murdered him and then Vegeta gives Goku his remaining power so he can fight. I’m not sure what his conflict is here, but he isn’t putting up a good fight against Gas as he uses the force to toss all sorts of things at him. In the end we find out that Granolah is still breathing and Monaito is trying to revive him. Gas goes to kill the Namekian only to have Goku grab him and use his instant transmission to teleport to a nearby planet that Jaco is on. Then he goads Gas to try and follow him as Goku teleports away. We wont find out where he goes, but im gonna put in a guess that he is either going to Beerus’ planet or the planet Broly is on with a heavy favorite towards Beerus. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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