Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 76 – Fate Of The Saiyans

It’s a great day when you can wake up to a new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to visit VIZ MEDIA or SHUEISHA to read the manga before continuing.


This chapter is pretty straight forward and there is a big revelation at the end from Monaito, the Namekian that Granolah lives with. From the start, it looks like Vegeta was going to lose and even after Goku tags in and is able to dodge Granolah’s attacks. Vegeta asks Goku to go back in again and demands that he not interfere. The two stubborn fighters go at it again where they fly into the city and destroy some homes. When Granolah sees the little round guys on his planet in fear as they crash into their home, he has a flashback of him and his mother when the Saiyans attacked in their Great Ape form. He demands Vegeta go elsewhere, but he refused and they continue fighting until they are out of the city and Granolah continues to blast Vegeta with his attacks. He then powers up for his final attack to kill Vegeta, with the latter resigned to his fate not being a callous unfeeling man he once was. Then Oatmeal and Monaito arrive on scene for the grand reveal to Granolah. Goku is able to stop Granolah’s final attack and Monaito reveals that a saiyan named Burdock saved them. He was also surprised to see Goku thinking he was Burdock when they arrived on the scene.

At this point, it looks like the fight between Granolah and the Saiyans have reached a temporary pause and we will see next chapter what more the Namekian will reveal. Also, its a relief to know that they didn’t kill off one of the main characters in this manga as seen in a unproven release yesterday showing Vegeta with half his body blown off similar to Cell. Now the long wait for the next chapter in a month!

Anyways, what did you think of this chapter?