Dragon Ball Super Manga #83 Preview

Lots of Dragon Ball News today, so I will start with the one most everyone is probably waiting for, the release of Manga Chapter 83 Preview. In the scans below, we see Monaito go back to the fight between Gas and Bardock and it looks like the saiyan is losing to Gas in rage mode. But then it cuts to Monaito with his two tiny Dragon Balls deciding what to do against the invader. For the full story, we will have to wait till next week, but for now, take a look at the scans below.

I was reading a discussion on the Goku Black arc a few days ago and I think this arc is going to suffer from the same problem of using the Dragon Balls to make you either invincible or the most powerful. It wont matter what the saiyans do at this point because Gas is currently the most power warrior in their universe so he cannot be beat. So just like Goku Black, they will need either a higher power to “fix” the problem or maybe they can get someone more powerful from another universe to fight? Personally, the Dragon Balls should only be used to do things that does not directly affect the power of the user. Things like bringing people back from the dead, reviving someone, or other tasks. Imagine in the game Dragon Ball Z Fighters if one of the options when calling up Shenron was to make you invincible or make you more powerful than your opponent? Anyways, thats just my thoughts on this and they need to go back to being a little more creative with their stories.

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