Dragon Ball Super Manga #83 – Bardock Vs Gas Pt. 2

Good morning Dragon Ball fans. The latest issue of Shonen Jump just dropped and that means the latest issue of DBS Manga Chapter 83 titled Bardock vs Gas Part 2. If you haven’t already, you can read it here and here so make sure you do that before proceeding or else you will be spoiled.

Summary: Initially Bardock gets overwhelmed by Gas and takes several damaging attacks as he demands that Monaito get out of there so he wouldn’t get in the way. He goes back to his house and takes out the two Dragon Balls he has in his possession and surmises that since he is using it help Bardock it should be OK. He summons the Dragon who we learn is named To Ronbo. Not sure if this is supposed to be two or one words, but it doesn’t matter as Bardock declines the wish of the Dragon and continues fighting Gas. Even though the latter still has the upper hand, and throws a spear at a tired out Bardock, Monaito steps in the way to take the hit. Gas later rips off Bardocks tail saying no more ape form and then he goes beast mode and beats up Bardock more. Then Bardock gets a few hits in and you see him powering up with an aura around him, not quite super saiyan but a whitish glow. He tells Gas that he just wants to beat him up and ends up doing that with his finishing blast. Later Elec comes by to save Gas and hints at Frieza’s destruction of planet Vegeta. He pulls out the laser gun, here we go with the gun trop again, and shoots Bardock as he falls off a cliff and is then rescued by Monaito. The gang leaves sensing that Frieza is arriving soon leaving Bardock and Monaito.

Not really sure how this ties in with the fight between Goku and Gas since this is completely different now and Gas is the strongest in the universe but I guess we will find out. I still think it will take an act of higher order for this to be resolved. Anyways, let me know what you think of this chapter in the comments.

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