Dragon Ball Super Manga #82 – Bardock Vs Gas

Lots of DBS news today, so we will start off with the biggest. The latest issue of the Manga was just released and it is a continuation of the Goku Vs Gas teleport challenge. If you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out here and here as we will be discussing the chapter following the image below:

Following the events of chapter 81 Goku and Gas teleport to various planets where Gas first gets dumped on by Monako and then into the bath of the Galactic King. When they are in the Galactic prison, the panda from the Moro series rips on Gas for peeing in his pants, which is the image you see above. Finally Goku teleports to Whis’ location where he is vacationing with the oracle fish, not with Beerus though. Goku then backtracks with his teleport back to Planet Cereal while Gas is left with Whis. He isnt able to teleport back directly so he ends up flying through space.

Whis warns Goku about this and tells him he needs to reach within to master Ultra Instinct. Interesting part here is that Whis reveals that they are biologically different and Goku needs to find his own way. I feel like i heard this reach within speech somewhere else, but cant pin point where. Also, I really like the Whis character here and I hope that we eventually get some back story with him.

Goku meets up with Monaito, injured Granolah, injured Vegeta, and the Eye Patch. They head back to Monaito’s house where he reveals the scouter left behind by Bardock. His last message Monaito and Granolah is to stay alive, which is evidently the same message that they gave Goku before sending him off to Earth and this seems to awaken something in Goku.

We finally get the title card at the end of the chapter showing the beginning of the fight between Bardock and young Gas. It looks like next chapter, we will see how Gas is beaten and my guess is that Goku somehow unlocks whatever he needs to unlock to master Ultra Instinct to save the day.

Thats it for now, let me know what you think of the latest manga in the comments.