DBS Super Manga Chapter #91

The new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Manga just released and this basically is the beginning of the Super Hero Movie. I’m gonna assume most of you have seen it by now so if you haven’t, well go watch it as there will be no spoiler warnings. This is a little more fleshed out than the movie as it shows the first time Piccolo picks up Pan from school and starts training her like he did Gohan but she is a lot more fearless than Gohan was having not been brought up by overprotective ChiChi. It also shows Hedo getting out of Prison and Krillyn following him back with Magenta, but being defeated by his bee. Piccolo visiting Gohan was a little different as well as i dont remember him giving Gohan the weighted Piccolo suit. The conversation between Hedo and Magenta was different as well as now we know Trunks and Goten put him in prison the first time. This all leads up to Gamma 2’s attack on Piccolo. This will probably take 3-4 chapters to finish so for those of us who have seen the movie, it will be interesting to see what extra material they add.

You can read it at Viz Media Here or Shuesha Here!

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