DBS Manga Chapter #97 Review

Good morning Dragon Ball fans!

It’s a good day when a new chapter of the manga drops and you can read it at the links below:

VIZ Media

Manga Plus by Shueisha (Getting a 404 error so no link)

Just a warning, but I will be covering this chapter after the image with spoilers so dont read ahead if you dont want to know what happens.

So a good part of this chapter was not in the movie as they included Saiyaman 1 + 2 that was only in the Manga. They start fighting Cell Max but are wiped away by his tail. Gohan and Piccolo consider joining but the kids turn Super Saiyan and get some good hits in, but none are having any major impact. The Gammas notice that that the two Saiyans resemble them and they reveal that Dr. Hedo designed them based the Saiyamen. Even after the Gammas join the fight, they are not able to do much damage so Piccolo, Gohan and Android 18 join the fight while Krillin protects Pan and Bulma. The Gammas reveal that they must go for the head, but it will cause a huge explosion so someone wont survive. They go full on attack on the head but in the end it doesn’t work and Cell Max goes full on Shin Godzilla on them. At the end of the Chapter it sounds like Gamma 2 is willing to make a sacrifice, but we will need to wait till the next chapter to find out what he does. If you seen the movie, you should know. Thats it for this month’s chapter, let me know what you think in the comments and if you noticed anything else.

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