DBS Manga Chapter #96

The latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Manga just dropped and you can check them out at the two sites below. After the image I will be reviewing the chapter with spoilers, but it shouldn’t matter since all of you should have seen the movie by now.

Chapter starts off with Bulma questioning Trunks about Dr. Hedo and his Androids as she was unaware of the events of the earlier chapters. This ties it together as those chapters didn’t come out until after the movie did so this part is new. Then Goten arrives and the three try to find where Piccolo is.

The action then switches to the fight between Piccolo and Gamma 2 and with the Orange Piccolo transformation, he is much stronger now than Gamma 2 and easily takes him out. Magenta has the guards fire at Orange Piccolo but that doesn’t work unlike how bullets affect Goku. Pan then joins the fight, but Carmine shoots at her and Gamma 2 finally realize who the bad guys are. The Gammas stop the fight against Piccolo and Gohan and they seem to make peace.

Magenta runs to the chamber with Cell Max as Dr. Hedo chases. The latter is shot but it is revealed that he hardened his skin to defend against projectiles. Magenta also shows off his new body armor, but Hachimaru is able to inject him with venom through his skin not protected by armor. Before he collapses, he destroys the controls for the chamber containing Cell Max.

Back outside, Bulma arrives with everyone and they meet the new Androids and question what is happening. Gohan is unable to tell who is who since he threw away his glasses during the fight. Piccolo is surprised at the height of the next gen saiyans and he also didn’t realize he turned orange.

Dr. Hedo is unable to contain Cell Max and the chamber explodes releasing him. They find their way to the others as the Gamma’s look for Dr. Hedo and attack Cell Max. The OG Cell must be rolling around in Hell watching his cells turn into this abomination. Trunks and Goten turn into the Saiyamans to the delight of Pan and they proceed to attack Cell Max.

That’s the end of this chapter. Let me know what you think and if there were any major deviations from the movie.

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