DBS Manga Chapter #93: Kidnap Pan

The latest chapter of the manga is out today so if you haven’t read it yet, you can view it at one of the sites below:

The following will contain spoilers so don’t scroll down if you haven’t read this chapter yet!

This chapter starts off with a review of what happened in DBS Broly and shows Goku fighting him on Planet Beerus. Vegeta is meditating and comes to the conclusion that they are maxed out physically and need to learn to control their powers, which Whis congratulates him for. Beerus wakes up and notices new people on his planet and develops a liking to Cheelai, who is apparently his type based on Whis.

Piccolo visits Little Green on top of the Lookout and wants him to draw out his latent powers but he is not able to do so, but they summon Shenron, through the Dragon Balls that Bulma has been collecting and he is given a power boost with some extra. Bulma uses the last two wish on a butt lift, removing crow feet, and longer eye lashes instead of summoning Goku and Vegeta back.

Back at the RxR hideout, they want to attack the Saiyans, but cant locate Goku and Vegeta as they are off planet, so they devise a plan to kidnap Pan to lure out Gohan to fight. Piccolo in disguise volunteers to be part of the team. These scenes are a little more detailed compared to the movie. Let me know if you noticed anything else in the comments!

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