DBS Manga Chapter 92

The latest chapter of the manga just released and you can view it at VIZ Media Here or Shuesha Manga Here!

This chapter shows Gamma 2 attacking Piccolo at his home. He isnt thorough and thinks he vaporized the Demon King, but Piccolo escapes and follows him back to the Red Ribbon Army HQ. He is able to sneak into the inner chamber where Magenta is talking about his plan and then they reveal Cell Max. I’m not sure if this part was in the movie, but it may be one of the differences.

Afterwards, Piccolo gets out and calls Bulma to contact Whis cause he needs Goku and Vegeta to help him resolve this new issue. Another thing i noticed here was there isnt a close up of Bulma’s ass like in the movie, or at least its not as round. He then heads to Korin’s place to get some sensu beans and decide what to do. At the end he thinks Little Green can help him and thats where it ends.

If you noticed anything else that deviates from the film, please let us know in the comments.

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