DBS Manga Chapter 90 Preview

The latest scans of the Dragon Ball Super are out and right off the bat, it seems like they are trying to rename it into Dragon Ball Super Hero Chapter 3. Not sure if I like this or not, but i prefer continuing with the Super numbering.

Continuing after the last chapter, Dr. Hedo is determined to make a new Android that is stronger and cooler than before. Krillin is looking for the zombies and it looks like he has found them in one of the scans. In the next page we see Goten riding on what looks like Goku’s Nimbus Cloud and later he gets on a bus and talks to his friends. Finally, on the last page, we see the new Android 7 that looks like an Elvis impersonator. The next chapter officially releases in a week so looking forward to reading it. For now, check out the scans below:

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