DBS Manga Chapter 90: Dr. Hedo

The latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga just posted so if you haven’t already done so, you can read it through here on Viz Media or here on Shueisha. I will be going over the entire chapter after the image so dont read further if you dont want spoilers!

The chapter starts out just like in the previews with Krillin looking for the Frankenstein monsters created by Dr. Hedo. He finds them in a store and then runs into Mai. Meanwhile Goten is using the cloud to get close to school but then takes the bus the last mile to get there which raises the suspicion of his classmates. The bus is stopped by the by Beta #7, an Elvis looking android, but Goten makes short work of him as Saiyaman X2, further raising the suspicion of his classmates. It is revealed on the bus that one of their classmates wants Goten to get Trunks to ask her out to the dance, but Goten remembers that he wanted to ask Mai.

Later at school, we learn about the dance and that Clean God will be there and Mai proactively asks Trunks to the dance, which we later learn is because she is determined to catch Dr. Hedo, and she suspects he will be there because the only time he was seen in public was at an autograph signing with Clean God. She also notices that they are being tracked by a robot ladybug and reveals all this to Goten.

She later shows up to the dance with Trunks in a medieval knight style armor and Trunks ends up talking to Dr. Hedo sharing their shared interest in Clean God. Mai is about to shoot him, but Baytah stops her while Krillin and the Police Force drop in. Dr. Hedo launches smoke into the area to mask his escape while Krillin gives chase. Trunks ask Mai to really go out with him after they catch Hedo and she agrees.

The give chase until they reach Dr. Hedo’s hideout while Krillin explains that a bigger evil, Red Ribbon Army is trying to recruit Hedo to do something bad, Super Hero Movie? When the reach the hideout, Hedo releases a Frankenstein T-Rex looking robot, to attack and it is able to take out Trunks and Goten. Krillin finds the electronics controlling it and destroys it freezing the creature. Trunks and Goten then power through it destroying the Rex and Dr. Hedo is arrested and his Frankenstein experiments are released. In jail he plots his next move with the aid of his robotic ladybug. It is revealed that Hedo was using the case to store a autographed picture with him and Clean God and he didnt really care about the data left by his grandpa Dr. Gero.

This looks like its the end of the Super Hero arc, which was really short and i really hope they dont continue into the movie in Manga form as that may take a while to complete. Looking forward to new stories past the movie. Also, I dont really think they need to make Mai and Trunks a thing in this universe as the circumstances leading up to Future Trunk’s timeline is completely different so it probably wouldnt make much sense here. Anyways, what did you think of this chapter? Leave your comments below!

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