DBS Manga Chapter #86 – All Out Bout

Didnt realize the new chapter of the manga came out today, thought it would be tomorrow morning, but if you haven’t read it, you can check it out here at Viz Media or here at Manga Shueisha Plus. I will be writing my review after the image so dont scroll down if you don’t want spoilers!

Gas powers up and hands Goku a huge beatdown. Almost everything is hitting, even the move where he just randomly fires off ki blasts like Vegeta does. But everyone notices that something is off with Gas and Goku mentions that his body and powers are out of sync. Granolah joins the fight and saves Goku, then prepares for his final blast, but requires time to charge so Goku buys him some time. He gets beatup some more, but Gas is starting to look worn out as well and goes after Gas. Vegeta tackles him and then Oil and Macki try to help but the Monaito stops them and puts them to sleep with hypnosis, his only battle technique. Elec quips that Granolah wouldnt fire into the ground as that would destroy planet Cereal, and then Goku summons his Susanoo form and tosses Gas into spaces. Granolah cant see, but his eye patch aims for him and he blasts Gas with his attack. This does not kill him and Gas falls back to the ground. Everyone is standing there at the end and we will have to wait another month to see where they go from here. Let me know in the comments what you think of this chapter.

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