DBS Manga Chapter #79: Granolah vs Gas

So looks like the new chapter released today and we dont have to wait until tomorrow. So if you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out on Viz Media or Shueisha. There will be spoilers after the image so dont scroll down if you dont want to read about what happens.

So from the image above, this looks like something from Naruto with shurikens but this is just part of Gas’ techniques. This chapter is mostly the fight between Granolah and Gas. As Goku and Vegeta watch the fight, the make two important observations. One is that Gas just got his new powers so he hasn’t had time to master them, which is an ongoing weakness that every bad guy seems to have in super starting with Golden Frieza. Goku also laments how they are using instant teleportation in the fight like it is nothing, but it took him a long time to learn the move. Vegeta counters that Gas is using it very inefficiently. Also, you ever wonder if Vegeta gets cold? They dont really mention how cold it is on planet Cereal, but everyone else is dressed up. Finally, I wonder where Elec is headed for his urgent errand? Not much in terms of spoilers here, but what do you think will be the result of this fight? Let us know in the comments!