DBS Manga Chapter #103 Legacy Towards The Future

The latest issue of the Dragon Ball Super Manga just released this morning and if you haven’t already done so, click on one of the links below to view it.

Viz Media

Manga Plus (Shueisha)

Many sources have been saying that the manga is going on haitus for a while with no definite timeline for its return, but let’s hope it is just for a month or two while Toyotarou gets some R&R time.

Do not skip past the image if you do not want spoilers because i will be reviewing the full chapter below:

Goku and Gohan continue fighting at the start and Gohan lands some hits, but then Goku activates his full UI making it difficult to Gohan to get a hit. Gohan then reveals that he hasn’t gone all out yet and then activates the full potential of his Beast form just before losing control. His speed increases dramatically and he is able to get several hits in even forcing Goku out of UI.

Whis remarks that Gohan’s form is neither UI nor is it a Divine form but something he came up with himself. Goku ends his fight with Gohan and has him fight Broly, which i wish lasted a bit longer so we see how he does against rage Broly. Then Vegeta demands a fight as well and all the Saiyans start a royal rumble style fight till everyone is exhausted.

Lemo makes them a feast and after eating Goku teleports everyone back to earth as he wants to spend some time there and Vegeta also with Bulma. Goku wants to test out Piccolo’s powers too but he notes that he has to go pick up Pan and Goku forgets all about his grand daughter.

Two points of interest in this chapter in that one, it seems like Gohan Beast is just as powerful now as UI Goku, and the comment in the above panel from Beerus about Gohan being too straight laces for being a God of Destruction.

Hope you all enjoyed this chapter and let me know if you noticed anything else in the comments.

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