DBS Manga Chapter #100 Burst Forth – Light of Death

Its a good day when a new chapter of Dragon Ball Super Manga releases and today we have the 100th chapter titled ” Bust Forth – Light of Death.” If you haven’t read it yet, make sure to click on one of the links below to read it for free on Viz Media or Shueisha before proceeding past the picture as I will be reviewing the chapter there.

Viz Media


The first thing you notice when you open up this manga is the full color two page spread for the title and the first page showing Gohan about to shoot his light of death. I would have preferred them use Makankōsappō or special beam cannon, cause light of death just doesnt have the same ring. Cell Max is able to deploy his own attack even though Piccolo is wrapped around him, but Gotenks and Trunks is able to further restrain his hands. Gohan releases his attack while Piccolo holds his head still so the beam cannon goes through the weak point and doesnt kill them both like in the Saiyan Saga with Radditz. They kill Cell Max and Gamma 1 warns them that the body will inflate and explode, not sure how he knew this, but oh well. They all escape and afterwards, it shows that Dr. Hedo is not able to revive Gamma 2 who unleashed all his power in one big blast and he gets dusted. They then decided not to prosecute Dr. Hedo as he shows a great deal of remorse and he asks Bulma for a research job at Capsule Corp. Later scenes show that Carmine is still alive as they retreat to their HQ. Pan finally learns how to fly and Gohan ponders if he should spend more time with her. Finally, the switch back to Planet Beerus as Vegeta Beast comes out on top against Goku in his fight. Whis notices that Bulma called him on his scepter but she waves him off. And that concludes the Super Hero Movie arc. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and what you think they should do next!

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