Pre-Order Update: X-Plus Bardock Announcement

X-Plus or Gigantic Series as they are called in Japan, just announced their Bardock figure. This has been on the schedule for over a year now and is now being announced for pre-order. It shows the character in the pose right before Frieza kills him and all his fellow Saiyans as well as his planet. He comes with energy ball, very rarely seen in this series and a stand. Bardock will cost 16500 yen or about $165 and ship in June, 2022. If you are a collector of this series, the more interesting news is that both Turles and Bulma are in the pipeline so it will be interesting to see which version of Bulma they will be sculpting. Link here, interestingly no English translation yet.

Update 2/10/2022: BBTS just posted this figure for pre-order on their website. Cost will be $264.99 with a $39.75 non-refundable deposit. Now if you think this is a bit high compared to the Japanese price, you will need to factor in international shipping to that, which usually costs around $100. Estimated arrival date is June, 2022.

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