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So weekends are generally slow news days so I did this once before and if you all like it, I may continue doing this more regularly. But aside from Dragon Ball, do you collect any other figures? In the past, i use to collect Monster Arts figures from the Godzilla line, but haven’t been doing that in a while lately. I also like the coloring of the Mizutsune figure below even though I’m not as familiar with Monster Hunter. Below are some new pre-orders from S.H. MonsterArts:

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah S.H.MonsterArts Mecha King Ghidorah

$294.99 w/ $29.50 Non-Refundable Deposit
April, 2023

My next favorite anime/manga after Dragon Ball would probably be Demon Slayer right now and with the end of the Entertainment District Arc as well as the Demon Train movie, more and more figures have been coming out for that. Check some of them out below:

FiguartsZERO Daki & Gyutaro


March, 2023

These two are probably my favorite characters so far.

Buzzmod. Tengen Uzui 1/12 Scale Figure


January, 2023

Seems like Aniplex makes a lot of Demon Slayer figures and they generally cost a lot more. Let me know if you collect these and how they compare with Figuarts.

Finally, it looks like BBTS is the exclusive official online retailer for Storm Collectible Figures here in the US, which makes figures for video game characters like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and King of Fighters. Check them out below:

Liu Kang and Dragon 1/12 Scale Figure Set

$179.99 w/ $18 Non-Refundable Deposit

May, 2023

Balrog 1/12 Scale BBTS Exclusive Figure


1st Quarter, 2023

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