UDM Burst 42 Coming April, 2020

The long running UDM Burst (Ultimate Deformed Mascot) line of key chain figures is ready for it’s 42nd wave of releases. The line up is a mixture of characters and designs from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Android 16 and Trunks.

I found some interesting information on this line from Baggie Saiyan on Twitter. He pointed out that seven years ago this line was simply referred to as “UDM” and that they added the “Burst” part to the name when they had decided to start adding “ki effects” to the figures. Obviously that practice didn’t stick around, but the name did.

Interesting information! Here’s an image of the line up, the figures are still in the prototyping process, so we don’t have any color photos for you yet:

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