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  1. What a nice surprise! I did a double take when I walked past Tamashii’s booth at C2E2, as they almost never show new prototypes here. Like @dippergames420:disqus said, looks promising. Crossing my fingers on more old and new prototypes being shown at the Tamashii Nations tour!

  2. This looks promising however, I’m not a big fan of the elbow swivels and the mouth could be a little less wide open.

  3. My soul… I’ve been waiting for a new Trunks FOREVER! I’m so glad I passed out on Time Patroller Trunks. I would’ve looked dumb as hell right now if I had gave in and bought him. Hyped as hell! You think maybe he can come with a smirk for Rose. Maybe that’s a bit of a drag, most likely that would be Zamasu.

      • I get that, but personally the Xenoverse Trunks Figure was trash and I wasn’t about to waste my time on o figure with barely any accessories or articulation. TBH I also like Xeno Trunks more as well

        • The leg articulation is a shame but it has the best face mold of any trunks figure. If you’re looking for accessories you’re gonna be disappointed since almost 0 of the new Figuarts come with anything (annoys me too). Xeno Trunks comes with Sword, Sword hilt to fit in the sheath, and a time scroll. More than what came with my SSJ3 Goku remake.

          • That’s a good point but all this new Trunks figure has to have is Three base faces and Three SSJ faces and it’ll already be better than the old one, you feel me?

            • The O.G Trunks figure was hot trash so I agree with you. I was giving you my opinion on the Xenoverse Trunks. Plus I got Xeno Trunks for like 30$.

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