Tamashii Nations Reveals Dragon Ball SDCC 2015 Hint

Tamashii Nations revealed a hint regarding their SDCC 2015 exclusive on their official Facebook page today and we think we know what it is!

SDCC 2015 Dragon Ball exclusive

Its been speculated that the SDCC 2015 exclusive would be the Mexican exclusive Goku released just weeks ago and the newly released hint gives credence to that rumor.

Decide for yourselves:

SDCC 2015 Dragon Ball Z exclusive



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  1. This could also be a possible “Super Saiyan God” Goku since there has been no production of it yet to the public. They thing that tells me that it might be SSG Goku is because their releasing a SSGSS Goku soon so why would they not make the original SSG. Also SSG Goku has an insignia on the back of his Gi too.

    • I honestly wish that were the case, but news revealed shortly after your post confirms that it’s Frieza Saga Goku. Check out our most recent post for pictures.

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