Update: Tamashii Nations Event Exclusive

If you haven’t already, check out this video from the ODBS with a teaser for a new Event Exclusive S.H. Figuarts figure! I don’t remember there being an exclusive for last years Tamashii Nations event, but looking forward to more information about this!

Update: There is more information on the Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA FB page where they show the packaging and a review of this figure. It will be an event exclusive at NYCC in October. Comment below if you are planning to attend.


Update2: This figure will be very popular in that it is the first event exclusive that will be offered at an actual event instead of online like the past few Tamashii Events and I don’t think they will be offering more so my gut feeling is this will become very sought after. Personally, the super glossy paint looks nice in the pictures, but on the actual figure it looks a bit weird, like they overdid it a bit. I do like the translucent hair, which X-Plus has been doing for a while now with their Gigantic Series.

Now some people are comparing this to the DF version, and although they did a commendable job releasing their figure first, and making it available word-wide from what I hear. The quality just isnt the same. DF has improved over the years, but its still a mixed bag depending on the luck of the draw. I also really like the two tone effects that come with this figure.

Cost is $60 and is available from October 7 – 10 at New York Comic Con.

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