Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary World Tour NYC Coverage

Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary Tour NYC

The weekend is finally upon us and the Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary stop in New York City is in full swing. Some new figures are being shown off, like a Majin Vegeta figure and some old prototypes we haven’t seen in a while are back.

I’m very happy to see versions of Tien and Yamcha that look like production models, as well as the reappearance of the Dragon Ball era “Kid Goku”! We’re going to be updating this post with more pictures as they’re made available to us, so keep an eye on this space!

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  1. Something gives me hope that Kid Goku will get a release. The one picture where all of the displays are shown with Goku figures for each era showcases Kid Goku with a promo image. Hopefully we see a release.

    • Ditto, man. I cannot wait for him to drop, as he looks quite finalized in the pictures. He even has some promo art in one of the pictures.

  2. I really had hopes for a Goku Black figure, this time.haha But it’s a nice presentation, for sure.

  3. Wow! Did not expect long hair Yamcha, shirtless Tien, Kid Goku, and Majin Vegeta! Disappointing there was no SSJ4 and Buu. Hopefully this means that we will have release dates for Tien and Yamcha soon, as they now have Saiyan Saga counterparts to go with Vegeta, Nappa and Kaio-Ken Goku. Great to see Gotenks again, as well as a new SSG Goku. And is it just me or does the banner for the Cell Saga tease a 2.0 SSJ Goku?

    • While I prefer the Cell arc’s Tien, it really make sense that they may focus on the saiyan saga clothes, since Nappa and Vegeta are coming.

      Now my biggest praise would go to Kid Goku, who looks much better now, just needing a releasing date as soon as possible.hehe And my biggest complaint would go to SSG Goku, who really needs to be more skinny on release.

      About the banner… I don’t think so. After all, if you look closely, there is no articulation below the chest on the figure.

    • I’m with you man maybe they’re just trying to get ss4 face sculpt better before they decide to finalize it. I mean I know most people don like gt but I do and the common thing said even from haters is that ss4 is awesome so its at least popular enough

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