Super Master Stars Diorama 2

The Super Master Stars Diorama 2 statue is here and it’s a brilliant depiction of a scene from episode 65 of Dragon Ball Super, in which the two Saiyans battle Zamasu. The statue is slated to be released in four different color ways:

  1. The Brush
  2. The Brush 2
  3. The Anime
  4. The Tones

The statue will be distributed via Ichiban Kuji lottery, at participating stores in Japan and France. The concept of the Ichiban Kuji is very straight forward, you go to a participating location and buy a ticket for 5000JPY. Each ticket is a winner, the only question is which statue you will end up walking away with.

The distribution (rarity) of the statues are as follows:

  1. The Brush (4 per box of 10)
  2. The Brush 2 (3 per box of 10)
  3. The Anime (2 per box of 10)
  4. The Tones (1 per box of 10)

The figures will be hitting stores April 28th, 2018.


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