Update: S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan VEGETA-Awakening Super Saiyan Blood-

Update: BBTS now has this for pre-order for $34.99 and a June, 2023 ship date!

Update 2: For our visitors in Europe, Myth Factory has this for €28.70 with a June 2023 ship date.

So when I said I wanted a new Vegeta figure, this is not what I had in mind. They coulda done Ultra Ego Vegeta, SSB Evolved, even battle damaged Vegeta. I dont think he has a SSJ2 Figure either. Anyways, Figuarts just announced SSJ Vegeta, this is the fourth release of this figure and people are calling this 3.0? Official name is Awakening Super Saiyan Blood. The blue and blond coloring on this seem to pop more than the 2.0 figure and theres a bit of gloss to it as well, but not like the NYCC Broly Figure. The arms on him look a little bit skinny though, but that may be just the pictures. Will need to get it in hand to compare with the 2.0 figure and the re-release of the 1.0. I dont have the original SSJ Vegeta 1.0 figure.

Cost is 3960 Yen so im guess this will be in the $35-40 range when pre-orders are announced and it will be available in April of 2023 so it will ship before Pan. Pre-orders will start on the 21st so I will be update with links then. This is a general release so BBTS should have this. For now, check out the images below:


• Main body
• 2 interchangeable facial parts
・ Replacement wrist parts 3 types on the left and 4 types on the right
• Interchangeable folded arms

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