Update 3: Europe — Update 2: Sold Out — Update: BBTS Pre-order Live – S.H. Figuarts SSJ4 Vegeta

The regular S.H. Figuarts release for November will be SSJ4 Vegeta. You cant have one without the other and there will definitely be a SSJ4 Gogeta in the works as well. Hopefully they work on some bad guys from the GT like Baby, Super 17, and Omega shenron. Cost will be 6600 yen with tax so about $60 US. Will update with pre-orders once they are available. For now, enjoy the pics.

Update: BBTS has announced pre-orders for this figure. Like the SSJ4 Goku, there will be limited supplies so order fast. Cost is $64.99 with a January, 2023 ship date!

Update 2: Well that was quick, this is now sold out…

Update 3: And for our European friends, you can pre-order this from MythFactory for 52.90 Euros with a January, 2023 ship date.

Update 4: Galactic Toys has this as well for the same price and delivery as BBTS. Also, Sure Thing Toys has this as well, but ive never ordered from them before…USAGS has this as well, again never ordered from them before…

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