S.H. Figuarts Prototypes at Tamashii Nation 2019

The Tamashii Nations event, “Tamashii Nation 2019” is set to occur this weekend in Tokyo, Japan. The event is scheduled for October 25th through October 27th in Akihabara district of Tokyo. While the event doesn’t officially open until tomorrow, the preview day for retailers and press is today. Fortunately, as a result, we have some early shots from inside the show of some S.H. Figuarts prototype figures.

A lot of hype was built around the revealing of an S.H. Figuarts “Great Ape Vegeta” and Bulma’s “Motorcycle Capsule No. 9” a few weeks ago. Well Tamashii Nations is back to showing each prototype off at their annual show that bears their name; Tamashii Nations 2019. Both of these figures are “firsts” in some regard in the popular S.H. Figuarts line, as Great Ape Vegeta is the first “Oozaru” form figure in the line and Bulma’s “Motorcycle Capsule No. 9” is the first vehicle accessory in the line. Both have yet to see a release date, as they were first revealed only recently and seem to be early on in the prototyping process.

Some additional popular prototypes were again shown, like the S.H. Figuarts “Captain Ginyu”, “Ultra Instinct Goku” and “Jiren”. Luckily the S.H. Figuarts “Ultra Instinct Goku” figure was shown in its updated form. Previous prototypes sported hair that didn’t prove popular among the collecting community.

It’s still possible to see new displays at Tamashii Nations 2019, as this is just the “preview” day. If anything of note is shown we’ll be sure to post.

Photos: Dengeki Hobby

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