S.H. Figuarts: Mr. Satan, Broly and Android 21 Revealed!

It was only minutes ago that we posted about the existence of the Android 21 and Dragon Ball Super Broly figures, but in that short amount of time more news has come! Among these other two confirmed releases, we can also confirm an S.H. Figuarts ‘Mr. Satan’!

Beyond that, we also have quality photos of all three new figures for you below!

SH Figuarts Broly (Dragon Ball Super)


Photos credit to: D_Amazing

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  1. I thought Broly would have a tail since Paragus has one… But if this can be bought online eventually can someone send me link because Broly is my favorite Dragon Ball character of all time and it would suck if I didn’t get this or at least the base form version of Broly

  2. So ss4 is never happening at this point broly was just revealed 2 days ago and he gets a figure immediately, meanwhile ss4 was teased for years then they just quit showing it 🙁

    • This is just for display only so no definite commitment on a release. Just like the SSJ4, they show a lot of prototypes at these shows, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the New Broly sees a release sometime after the movie…

    • Cause its not in super. If theyre doin android 21. Id say xeno ssj4 goku will come eventually

    • Remember how many years Nappa was shown in various forms and prototype versions? Then eventually they stopped showing him all together?

      • Are the power pole and white aura effects sdcc only or are they part of the tour? Also is it certain that the prices of broly, vegito, and cell would go down as the other dragon ball tour events happen?

  3. So glad were getting Mr. Satan! Hope that means Videl is near too. Very excited for all of these releases!

  4. LoL at Mr. Satan, hope the dog comes with it…and that new broly just doesnt look as menacing…

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